Winter Rouge

The samples of Winter Rouge and Tabanesque by Eternal Scents | Photo by The Perfume Magpie

The samples of Winter Rouge and Tabanesque by Eternal Scents | Photo by The Perfume Magpie

I put my Christmas tree up the other day. The days are drawing in and the bite in the air is announcing that the winter solstice is just around the corner. Soon, we’ll have the mountain tops capped with snow. In the campo, the red leaves are feebly clinging onto the grape vines and just as the reminder of the past autumn days, the remaining poplar leaves are gleaming gold in the early evening light. When I walk down the village streets, all I can smell is the smoke from the burning logs. Winter is here.

The heavy blue-grey clouds have been lingering over us for over a week and I’ve been feeling rather lethargic and contemplative. So many questions with no answers keep filling my head and, just like the heavy winter sky, I cannot seem to break free from them. To shake off my low mood, I wandered up to my dresser and picked up a small bottle of perfume. I traced my finger along the contour of the bottle, and then hesitantly unscrewed the golden top.

I dubbed a drop on my wrist; immediately, intoxicating tuberose scent swirled up in the air. Tantalising dance of flowers was joined and intertwined with the warm opulent balsams, giving somewhat musky, velvety feel to the floral notes. The richness and the warmth of this fragrance captivate me every time when I open this bottle and, somehow, it always brings me back to the time when we were living in Egypt; especially the narrow, maze like streets of Khan el-Kalili where I enjoyed walking around so much.

Khan el-Khalili, Egypt | Photo by The Perfume Magpie

Khan el-Khalili, Egypt | Photo by The Perfume Magpie

So many memories started unfolding as the scent developed; the voice and the smile of someone I so long for, the places we visited together, and the conversations we had… I knew this would happen.

I’ve won Winter Rouge by Eternal Scents from the giveaway hosted by the Sorcery of Scent blog back in April and wanted to review it in the wintertime for its warm quality. But now the cold season is here, I feel reluctant to dissect it into pieces. Some scents are special to each person for their own unique reasons; they might be better left alone.

This perfume, to me, is the intersection between joy and sorrow. While I rejoice this fragrance as I celebrate life, the memories that woven into this fragrance still torment me. (See my earlier post.)

I just hope, some day, I can wear Winter Rouge with full of joy… not with tears.

Winter Rouge is created by Rafael and Sharon Rodriguez, Eternal Scent.

The notes: Narcissus, Tuberose, Tahitian Gardenia, Tolu Balsam, Cedarwoods and plant Musks. (Official notes according to Eternal Scents website.)

It is available in 5ml Perfume Oil, AU$ 239.95.

Disclosure: I received the 3ml samples of Winter Rouge and Tabanesque from Eternal Scents as a giveaway prize hosted by Sorcery of Scent.

What others say: You can read a review on Sorcery of Scent.

10 thoughts on “Winter Rouge

  1. I’m happy to hear that you put up a tree even though this must be an awfully difficult time for you. I can relate to having scents move you to tears because I’ve got a few of those myself. I’ve lost my dad and my best little furry friend this year and have probably cried more than I ever had any other year. Mom is having a tough time this Christmas season too especially since dad’s birthday was the other day.
    I hope in time the happy memories win out over the sadness for you and that Winter Rouge will be a perfume that brings a smile to your face. It sounds lovely.

    • So sorry to hear about your dad and your furry friend, Poodle.The festive seasons do make you realise the absence of your loved ones even more than other times…
      A while back, I made a promise to myself that I would keep doing everything we both enjoyed, celebrate, laugh, and live fully.Every day, Every moments count. 🙂

  2. Beautiful post, Magpie. My warm thoughts go to you. Put away this perfume: you have enough things from the past that will keep bringing sad feelings, you do not need new ones.

    On a side note: US$40/ml? Really?! Good luck…

  3. “But now the cold season is here, I feel reluctant to dissect it into pieces. Some scents are special to each person for their own unique reasons; they might be better left alone.”

    So true, Magpie. And I think your post proves, so eloquently and with deep feeling, that you don’t have to dissect something to give someone an idea of its beauty. You described this perfume perfectly. ❤

    • Thank you Suzanne. When I started writing about this, I just didn’t feel like talking about each note. Didn’t feel right. I’m sure that each person has some special scents in their heart; it could be the cheapest fragrance from a drugstore or it could be the bespoke perfume created only for herself. Whatever they are, special things shouldn’t be analysed…

  4. What a haunting, beautiful post, and I can completely see why this perfume is bound up with both happy and sad memories, given recent events. Undina may be right, that things are too raw just now to risk tipping yourself more into the sad camp by wearing it – Christmas itself is loaded enough for those who have lost loved ones lately. And yes, you did well to put up a tree. I hope you find solace in the pretty lights; I must say I find the visual effect – and scent – of a tree quite uplifting. x

    • Thanks Vanessa. Yes, putting up a tree was a good idea. Every night, it gives me nice & warm feelings. I must admit, December has been a challenge so far, I’m definitely getting more moody days… I still love Christmas though. 🙂

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