Perfume Things 2015 & GIVEAWAY

The Perfume Magpie Winter Giveaway

The Perfume Magpie Winter Giveaway

The Giveaway is now closed!

I can’t believe one year has nearly gone. It was Halloween just the other day. I was admiring the cool autumn air just a few days ago. Then I received my first Christmas card!

It’s that time of the year again. Christmas is just around the corner and, guess what, no, I haven’t finished sorting out all the Christmas gifts yet. Don’t even mention cards! At least the Christmas tree is out and decorated and I bought a pot of gorgeous pink poinsettias. Tomorrow I’ll be off to Valencia for two days to enjoy some Christmas lights to boost my festive mood and for the last-minute shopping.

The thought of Christmas being here soon made me look back some of the things happened and, since I’m a frag-head, the perfume related stuff I encountered and appreciated this year. It seems like many bloggers make lists at the end of the year, so here’s mine. (If you are only interested in the giveaway, please scroll down to the bottom.)

Perfume Diagnosis Service


Nose Perfume

Nose | Image borrowed from Nose

I’ve tried their service only once so far but I’m very happy with them. It’s kind of fun to see what recommendations they come up with. From my first diagnosis, I received samples of Teint de Neige by Lorenzo Villoresi, 11 Semma by Odin, Loukhoum by Keiko Mecheri and Pure Eve by The Different Company. Unfortunately Pure Eve leaked in transit and made two other labels unreadable but their customer service was very kind and efficient. They immediately sent me the replacements. I will certainly try them again, perhaps regularly. My only wish for them is to add more new releases.

Pretty Bottles

Muse by Coty

Muse by Coty

I’ve been kind of collecting pretty perfume bottles. I don’t actively hunt for them but when I happen to be at antique fairs and shops, my eyes are always drawn to elegant looking crystal bottles and now discontinued vintage ones. One of the best finds of this year was Muse by Coty, just like the one in the advert. It was only £5! Yes, I know, I’m a magpie.

Perfumes I Tried and Liked A Lot in 2015

Some of these perfumes have been around much longer but I was only introduced to them in 2015. These brought me some joys and enriched my fragrance life in 2015. They are in no particular order. There would have been more added to the list if my organisation skills had been somewhat better.

Pichola by Neela Vermeire Creations

Released at Esxence 2015 in Milan. Bright, dewy and romantic. It’s dreamy like the bubbles in the champagne glass.
Nose: Bertrand Duchaufour

Vanille d’Iris by Ormonde Jayne

Released at Pitti Fragranze in 2015. This is THE vanilla perfume for me. It’s so smooth, creamy, and dead gorgeous. I absolutely adore it.
Nose: Geza Schoen

Salome by Pappilon Perfumery

Released in 2015. It’s all about the lust and the sensual seduction. A true temptress! Who wouldn’t want a bit of wild side in life?
Nose: Liz Moores

Chanel Les Exclusifs Misia by Chanel

Released in 2015. With the combination of rose, violet, and iris, I was destined to fall in love with Misia. Misia exudes femininity and confidence.
Nose: Olivier Polge

Brilliant Collection by DSH Perfumes

Released in 2014. There are four perfumes in the Brilliant Collection;  Rubis Rosé, Fumée d’Or, Jacinthe de Sapphire, and Deco Diamonds. I found the joy of layering through this collection. My favourite is  Jacinthe de Sapphire + Fumée d’Or.
Nose: Dawn Spencer Hurwitz

Rubj EDP by Vero Profumo

Released in 2010. “Playing with dynamite” was what came into my mind. Intense sensuality will make you sweat!
Nose: Vero Kern

Sleeping with Ghosts by Mark Buxton

Released in 2012. This is more like Sleeping with Angels than with Ghosts. Oddly, when I look at the individual note, this wouldn’t be something I would like. It was a surprise. I just love the names of Mark Buxton’s perfumes; I can’t help humming the tunes.
Nose: Mark Buxton

White by Puredistance

Released at Esxence 2015 in Milan. I’ve already written about the experience I had with White on this blog. If you are curious about it, please follow this link. This holds a special place in my heart.
Nose: Antoine Lie

Perfume Surprise of the Year… and GIVEAWAY!

A special gift box from Puredistance for this winter

Top & Bottom Right: A special gift box from Puredistance for this winter, Bottom Left: New presentation boxes for each Puredistance perfume | Photo by The Perfume Magpie & Puredistance

Throughout the year, I was delighted by some lovely perfume samples I received out of the blue. The biggest surprise arrived in November; I received an email from Puredistance, followed by a parcel. Inside I found an elegant presentation box complete with their entire line of perfume samples and a lovely letter & photos. I was so touched by this unexpected Christmas gift and needless to say, I was over the moon.(Puredistance is offering special versions of gift sets for the holiday season.They are absolutely gorgeous!! If you want eye-candies, take a look.)

So to share my delights and to spread a touch of happiness in this holiday season, I decided to host my first giveaway on The Perfume Magpie.

What Can You Win?

I’m offering 2 prizes.
Prize A: 1 x Puredistance Sample Gift Set.
A winner will receive Puredistance I, Antonia, M, Opardu, Black, and White 2ml each in an elegant white gift box. If you haven’t tried their perfumes yet, this will be a great chance.
Prize B: 1 x Custom Made Leather Case to carry your perfume samples/decants plus an assortment of perfume samples and decants.
There are only 3 of these leather cases exist in the entire world. I have one, obviously,  and another lovely perfumista has one; the last one can be yours. I haven’t decided which samples & decants will be included but will be a mixture of niche and mainstream.

Giveaway Prize A: Puredistance Sample Gift Box | Photo by The Perfume Magpie

Giveaway Prize A: Puredistance Sample Gift Box | Photo by The Perfume Magpie

Giveaway Prize B: A Leather Case for Samples + Assortment of Samples & Decants | Photo by The Perfume Magpie

Giveaway Prize B: A Leather Case for Samples + Assortment of Samples & Decants | Photo by The Perfume Magpie

What You Need To Do To Enter The Draw:

To enter, let me know which prize you’d like to win and answer the question in the comments; “What was your best perfume find in 2015?” or “What was the greatest thing happened to you in 2015?”

Also, this is not mandatory but if you could like The Perfume Magpie Facebook page or follow The Perfume Magpie blog, I would greatly appreciate it.

Closing date and Small-ish Prints
I:  The entry will be open till 8pm (Central European Time) on Saturday 26th December;
II: 2 winners will be randomly selected;
III: The winners will be announced on The Perfume Magpie blog ( , Facebook and Twitter on 27th December;
IV:  If you are the winner, please get in touch with me at thinkingmagpie at gmail dot com or through the contact form of this website. If the winner has not contacted me by Monday 31st December, the prize will go to someone else;
V: Open worldwide;
VI: You know what it’s like with some postal services… Sorry but I cannot be responsible for the lost or damaged prize in transit. Also please be aware that it may incur customs charges and etc.

60 thoughts on “Perfume Things 2015 & GIVEAWAY

  1. What a generous prize to offer. My best 2015 finds were Nobile 1942 La Danza delle Libellule Nobile (dancing apple, cinnamon and vanilla) and vero.profumo Rozy extrait ( honey and rose and sex)
    Sending wishes for a fantastic Christmas

  2. Whoo! I hadn’t even heard of that new Ormonde Jayne – am so behind the curve with releases. I do love vanilla so will seek it out. I also tried WHITE again yesterday and it suited me better in the cooler weather – so that was a happy discovery.

    No need to enter me in the giveaway, but good luck to the winner – those are fabulous prizes!

  3. Oh I would have loves either, but I will vite for the second option 🙂 Georgeus giveaway!

    The best thing that happened to me this years is that my five years old son survived a big hearthsurgery. We have been wait ingen for this for so long and now it’s finally done:)

  4. My best perfume find in 2015 was Ginestet ‘Botrytis’. This was a sample very kindly sent to me by a wonderful perfume friend. It is the most perfect, wonderful scent and from the day i received it i knew it would become my signature perfume. I hunted high and low for a bottle in the UK and finally found one (almost full) on Ebay. Gosh, am i a happy girl. So thank you to my wonderful friend Sam for introducing me to it. That’s what perfume friends are for….
    I already follow your Facebook Page, Perfumed Magpie, would love to win the leather sample case (though either prize would be gratefully accepted) and i live in the UK. Thank you for your generosity and Merry Scentmas. xx

  5. I love all your information and reviews, I have learned so much more about my nose!! LOL To have the sample set would be a dream come true…I’m always up for looking for the next scent I MUST have!! My year has been amazing….stressful but a huge learning factor! I survived a car accident that has changed me but all for the best, I truly appreciate all thing now. The good and the bad. Thanks again for this chance. Happy Holidays!

    • Thank you Dana! I hope you are having a good recovery from the accident. I love your positive attitude, there’s always something good waiting for you around the corner! Happy Holidays to you too!

  6. What a wonderful draw! My favorite/best ‘fume would be the Centrepiece Extrait by 4160Tuesdays! Oh…..wait….. There was also Mecca Balsam by AbdesSalaam. And…and….and….!! I would love the leather sample case. And a very Happy Christmas to you!

  7. it is amazing choice will be gift B which is Leather Case so i can take around my decants and sample sprays. The best perfume i have tried so far is Guerlain Metallica but Plus Que Jamais is on the way and could surpass metallica…already liked facebook page..thanks once again for your generosity and happy holidays.

    • Thank you for popping by adn happy holidays to you too, Fazal. 🙂 I haven’t had a chance to try Metallica or Plus Que Jamais but I’m pretty sure I would like them both. I need to be careful… What if I really really like them…

  8. Wonderful giveaway! I just wish someone would offer me a gift like the one you received, so awesome!
    I would love to receive the leather case, fell immediatly in love with it! The engraved phrase it’s spanish but it’s identical to my native language, which is portuguese. 🙂 My best perfume find in 2015 was definitly Fève Délicieuse by Christian Dior, sweet gourmand piece of heaven!
    Thanks again and Happy Holidays!

  9. Hello! Visiting your blog for the first time, I’ll have to sniff hrough the archives a little. 🙂
    My 2015 hasn’t been fantastic, but I was very happy with my blind buy of Smell Bent’s Tok’Yo Mama Fizzzzz, which has singlehandedly gotten me through the hot weather so far this year. Big hearts for this refreshing fragrance.
    Were I to win, I’d go for the Puredistance samples. The case is lovely but I doubt I’d use it as much as some other readers.

  10. I hope it’s OK to answer even though I do not want to be entered into your generous giveaway?

    There were two perfume discoveries for me this year – Jo Malone’s Mimosa & Cardamom, a bottle of which has just joined my collection a couple of weeks ago, and Puredistance White, which I plan to add to my collection early next year.

    As to the greatest thing for 2015… I hope it’s happening right now and if everything works out, I’ll share it soon 🙂

    • It’s about time I had tried Solstice Scents. I’ll put it on my to-do list. By the way, Kelly, which prize do you want to enter? If you don’t have a preference, shall I choose which draw you should be in? 😉

  11. Oooooo. Thank you for your generosity. I love all things leather and that leather case looks divine! Best perfume find of 2015 for me has got to be a sample of Memo Jannat. Love it so much I need to save for a full bottle. Can’t get enough of it!

  12. I would love the leather case if I win. My greatest perfume find for 2015 is a tie… Solstice Scents Winslow’s perfume oil and Ameer Al Oudh by Lattafa Perfumes. The greatest thing to happen to me in 2015 is that I bought a home ❤

  13. Hello Dear!!
    Thank you for your generous draw!!!
    I would like the leather case with samples!!
    I didn’t have the chance to try any new perfume, I just discovered a mini vintage Gem Van Cleef and Arpels..its beautiful!!
    Sadly ,I can’t remember any great thing this year…maybe was met my next husband ( he even doesn’t know yet) ..just kidding,.. those last years were like a nightmare to me,I’m just waiting to end this year.:'(
    Happy holidays!! And Cheers from Andalucia 🙂

    • Oh, Haru, hang in there, great things will happen in 2016! I have to say, I’m kinda curious about your meeting with a chico. 😉
      Happy Holidays to you too! Next year will be a fantastic one!

  14. What a fantastic draw! I have had a wonderful year full of love and kindness. Two of my favorite finds were Albino and The Voices of Trees by DSH Perfumes. I would treasure the leather case and a surprise assortment of decants. Happy Holidays and Fragrant Wishes for the New Year!

  15. My favorite discovery this year was Betrand Duchafour’s masterpiece, Ostara. Springtime in a bottle. As for the greatest thing to happen in 2015? My son is expected to be born any day now! Happy holidays, and thank you for this offer

  16. No need to enter me in your giveaway. I’m just so happy for you that you got that pretty gift. Too bad Black was only a factice but 17,5 ml of White is awesome enough.
    I also received my little parcel with Puredistance samples set 2 weeks ago 🙂

    My favorite perfume this year is probably Prada Infusion d’Oeillet. As of best thing that happened to me was my summer vacations when I managed to visit Berlin, Paris and Rome in less than 2 weeks

  17. There are many wonderful fragrances I have worn in 2015. I have many fragrant reasons to point out more than one. Pichola and Jacinthe de Sapphir (2014, but I wear it this year) are among them. La Danse des Bleus et des Violettes from Giverny in Bloom collection, too. Meshaz Natural Perfumes Moonfest, absolutely beautiful. I’ve been wearing many April Aromatics perfumes. My extra love for Erdenstern. Rubini’s Fundamental is among my favorites. Thanks to a friend, I tried the perfumes from Tigerlily’s Unreleased Project. I like them all, but Voluptuous Nostalgia, Soliflore Gardenia and The Seven Percent Solution (I am wearing it now) are my favorites. If you ask me about my vintage fragrances, it has been a year of Égoïste, Jules and Le 3ème Homme. Finally, my winner of the year is En Voyage Perfumes Frida. Before new scented challenges, I will wear well-known, beautiful Vents Ardents, Mohur, Champagne de Bois and Tabanesque.
    Both prizes are wonderful. I haven’t tried Puredistance White, but I tried all others. M and Black are my favorites. This leather case is stunning. Habit de Parfumeur. 🙂 It is my choice. Thank you. Happy Holidays!

    • Damir, you’ve been busy! I have no idea how you can keep track on things you tried! That’s my challenge for the next year; a proper organisation for the perfumes I try/tried.
      The leather case is a Habit de Parfumeur indeed! I’m glad that I designed and had it made. 😉
      happy Holidays to you too!

  18. thank you!:)
    so, the best in 2015 was Iris Cendre by Naomi Goodsir.
    damn. pure magic.
    I’d go for Prize A!:)
    cheers and thanks once again!

  19. Great give away, Thank you for offering this! My favorite find for this year is Mandy Aftel Parfum Prive, which is so Precious I only wear it sparingly. Would love to have one leather case. Really loved White as Well and I was moved by your story so I am happy you have a 17,5 ml bottle, as I presume it is your Photograph?

  20. Hello. I haven’t commented before, but I read you regularly because I enjoy your concise reviews and love your illustrations. My recent favourite was poor, overwhelmed Magpie at Vanilla Fiesta.
    My best find in 2015 was an oldie: Le Feu d’Issey. I noticed it at a thrift store and would have bought it just for its unique bottle, but it was also full of that most gorgeous milky sandalwood scent. I give it a sniff at least once a day.
    Should I be a lucky winner I would love the Puredistance sample set. I have tried M which was wonderful, so I am curious about the others.

    And I agree you should start selling the leather cases and possibly cards of your illustrations.
    Thanks for the draw opportunity.

    • Hi Lindaloo, thank you for your encouraging words! I like Le Feu d’Issey too. I was a bit worried about coconut in it but it turned out to be so lovely. I’m a huge fan of sandalwood scent anyway. 😉 I enjoy every single Puredistance perfumes, if you win the set, you’ll certainly enjoy the good sniffing session. Good luck with the draw!

  21. What a nice offer — with another perfect illustration! I would be happy to receive either option. My best perfume finds this year were: Van Cleef and Arpel’s Muguet Blanc, and Byredo’s Inflorescence, as I adore lily of the valley fragrances. Muguet Blanc has been discontinued, sad to say, but I was able to find it for sale online. I discovered Inflorescence during a visit to the Scent Bar in Los Angeles, a true perfume shrine and well worth a visit if you are in Southern California: Happy Christmas to you!

    • I’d love to visit the Scent Bar but it’s soooo far from here!! Sounds like you had a great time there. I love lily of the valley too and I just tried Muguet Blanc the other day. It’s a gorgeous perfume; I really hope they bring it back. Happy Christmas and good luck with the draw!

  22. I thought I did comment, but anyway. I’m always happy with whatever I receive, but I would prefer the samples. Thank you so much for the draw. I hope I still can be included.

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