Grinning Magpie

Can you see my grin? I’m sure you can!

Puredistance Sample Gift Set

Puredistance Sample Gift Set – Photo by The Perfume Magpie

Recently, Puredistance held a giveaway for the International Women’s Day aaaaand GUESS WHAT? I WON IT and received a gorgeous sample gift set on Monday! (Just imagine, a woman with silly grin dancing around the house, scaring her hubby and neighbours dogs off…) Yay!!

Inside the elegant white box, there were five 2ml spray samples of I, M, Opardu, Antonia and Black. I nearly kissed the postman when he gave me this. Thank you, Puredistance!

Puredistance is an exclusive perfume house based in the Netherland, launched in 2007. Their timeless and elegant Master Perfumes are created by renowned five Master Perfumers. They are only available as Pure Perfume, or Extrait in other word, in concentrations between 25 – 32% Perfume oil. In a world where so many things are short-lived and focusing on quantity over quality, mass over individual, Puredistance takes totally opposite stance. Their luxurious perfumes are created with the highest quality materials and they are ageless. The words Nouveaux Classiques come into my mind.

Puredistance Sample Gift Set

Photo by The Perfume Magpie

I’m savouring them, each one, each day. I’ve tried Opardu and M so far and they are just exquisite. I’ll post my thoughts on their fragrances one by one in the near future. Now I’m gonna have more sniff!

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