Who is Perfume Magpie?

Hi! You might be wondering who The Perfume Magpie is.

The Perfume Magpie is a lovely lady (well, actually there are some split opinions about this) who is obsessed with perfume and fragrance, often spotted in perfume shops and cosmetic counters sniffing and spraying from numerous bottles with a keen interest. She is a little bit eccentric but nice. She’s been in love with perfume ever since she received her first perfume (Hello Kitty) when she was 5 or 6. For a strange fate, she used to work for a company for 6 years where absolutely no perfume, cologne or scents of any kind were allowed, and now she is experiencing some kind of rebound from the fragranceless time.

The Perfume Magpie loves so many different things. She loves nature & wildlife. The love of her life is, of course, her husband but David Attenborough is a close second. She loves photography, especially in B&W. She loves arts & crafts and enjoys painting, silversmithing, knitting, stained glass and so many other things.

The purpose of this blog is to share her love for perfume with anyone who is willing to listen (read). She might write some mini-reviews, share some photos, drawings and stories related to perfume & fragrance.

The Perfume Magpie is still discovering the vast world (or universe?) of perfume & fragrance. She would love to hear from those who share the same interests.


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